Jury 2016

Anne Magnussen


Anne Magnussen is the producer, director and owner of EMBLA FILM AS.
Her broad experience covers a range of skills; production manager and
producer/director for documentaries as well as in studio productions, TV
series, news reports and entertainment programs. She has also a background
as technician in sound, editing and cinematography.

Awards: Enviro Film 2007, Slovakia
Nominated for Ida Awards 2006, LA, USA
International Film Festival Ekofilm 2006, Czech Republic
Bergen Kommunes Kulturpris 2005, Norway
Statens Kunstnerstipend 2013, Norway
The Golden Umbrella 2003, for the documentary “Safe in Danger” made for
NRK, Norway
This documentary showed violence and sexual abuse in many Norwegian
children homes (the orphan`s pensions). The municipality of Bergen City and
the Norwegian state has inquired into these cases. Until now, more than 15
mill Euro compensation has been paid to the victims.
Skup Diploma 2000, for two documentaries made for NRK, Brennpunkt: “The
price of forgiveness” (1+2)

Her last film THE MAN WHO KNEW 75 LANGUAGES will have world premiere under
Nordic Film Days Lübeck, the 3rd of November 2016.

Link to trailer: https://vimeo.com/185317627

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