Jury Weniff 2014

Kaia Johnsen Viki

Kaia Johnsen Viki (26) is studying media and documentaries in Volda University College. She has a bachelors degree in journalism and has previously worked as a journalist in the local press and in the Norwegian state channel NRK. She has previously been involved in the documentary film festival in Volda, and she is known to be an avid film festival-goer. Currently doing her masters- project, and she is aiming to work as documentary film-maker once she has completed her studies.

Trine Lise Sviggum Helgerud

Trine Lise Sviggum Helgerud (26) is a student in the senior year of media and documentary studies in Volda University College. She has previously studied journalism, and she has worked as a reporter and a video journalist for the Norwegian state channel NRK. Right now she is working on her master film production that will be completed in April 2015.

Smail Imeri

Smail Imeri has an impressive track record of directing and producing many full-length, short, and documentary films. He has also studied tv and theatre, and has done a number of courses and co-productions at the Swedish film institute. Originally from Kosovo but has lived in Sweden for more than 25 years.